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Itis Digital Services

The Itis brand’s online presence didn’t support the new and improved Itis concept. So we had to come up with a better way to manage the brand’s different digital services, as well as to improve the site’s poor visibility and usability.

We tackled challenges with a new set of digital services, as well as a set of tools for improving administration of Internet, intranet, sms gateway and digital signages as well as visibility and usability.

We redesigned the itis.fi site and the company’s intranet site to match the new concept for the shopping mall. The digital displays and mobile services are completely and seamlessly integrated into the data management system.


The new responsive itis.fi has been a success. The new intranet serves as a social communication channel and provides merchants with valuable sales reporting tools. With all this, it’s no wonder the mall’s over 200 merchants have embraced the new intranet with open arms.




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