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Newspaper readers have a deep, loving relationship with print papers. The best things about print papers – like how reliable, local and informative they are – haven’t gotten the attention they deserve recently.

Kärkimedia represents 34 of Finland’s leading local newspapers, all of which joined forces to create a campaign in support of print newspapers. The goal of the campaign was to remind readers and advertisers of the power of print – and how we really feel about them.

We designed and implemented a campaign that got some of the biggest names in Finland to lend their faces to the cause. These celebs and the advertisers shared their thoughts and feelings on print papers. In addition to print and web ads, the campaign centered around the meidansanomalehti.fi site.


The site got around 1000 visitors a day, about a third of whom choose to share their thoughts on print. We got altogether 8000 statements and almost all respondents report having a really deep and rewarding relationship with their local paper. “Jussi69″ -ad was the most spotted newspaper ad in February in Finland.




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